Facilities at The Malvern Spa

A unique hydrotherapy pool and thermal spa experience awaits you at The Malvern

Our spa facilities

Browse through our spa facilities that are available to you during your stay at The Malvern. From thermal rituals to ice treatments, we have a range of facilities available to you.


Our unique 20m indoor-outdoor hydrotherapy pool accommodates numerous individual features including vigorous bubble massage stations, powerful water jets, gentle hydrotherapy beds, and spacious, relaxing booths for you to chill and chat with friends while soaking in the warmed waters.

Crystal Steam Room

This large, fully tiled steam chamber with fibre-optic ceiling display is infused with essential oils that fill the intensely warm and humid air with relaxing aromas. A fantastic way to open the pores and relieve tension in your body, you will step out feeling calm and refreshed.

Salt Grotto

Begin your experience by enjoying the healing properties of the salt grotto. Gently warm your body on the heated tiled seats while being enveloped in the salt atmosphere. This rich, natural source of salt microns and negative ions is reputed to have a restorative effect on the respiratory system, skin and ionic balance of the body for a complete feeling of wellbeing.

Herb Sauna

For a more contemporary sauna, seasonal herbs and natural essential oils are gently steamed to cleanse body and mind in the herb sauna. This state of the art sauna radiates a soft heat with a higher humidity than the harsh dry heat found in a standard sauna so you can relax for longer.

Kelo Sauna

One of only 10 in the UK, this unique rustic sauna is constructed from naturally fragrant wood found only in the arctic circle. A large social space, there is plenty of room to recline, chat or simply soak up the aromatic atmosphere of this special experience.

Foot Spa

A gentle way to begin the calming and cleansing spa ritual. Relax on the tiled seating and fill your personal foot bath to your own temperature and soak away the stresses in your feet.

Bucket (Drench) Shower

For the more adventurous, a much quicker way to cool down is to use the cold bucket shower which instantly drenches you in chilled water for an exhilarating end to your fire and ice experience.

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