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  • Is it a problem if I have existing health issues?

    It is your responsibility to ensure the treatments and activities you select are suitable for you so if you have any health concerns please consult your GP prior to your visit.

  • What should be worn for treatments?

    As most treatments include the application of oils or creams, a robe and underwear is suitable. If you have been using the spa facilities, you can remain in your swimwear. Please do not wear any jewellery.

  • How long are the spa treatments that are included in the packages?

    These spa treatments vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. All treatment times include your initial consultation and aftercare advice.

  • Can I have the treatment in the same room as my friend?

    We have a decadent dual room where couples or friends can share their relaxing experience together. Please note that this must be requested in advance and is subject to availability.

  • Can scheduled appointments be changed?

    Yes, we will do our best to help but it will not always be possible due to demand and availability.

  • Will our treatments be at the same time?

    We understand that when guests come to The Malvern they want to spend as much time together as possible. Where possible, our reservations team will try to put treatments together, however sometimes it is not possible. Spa day treatments will generally be booked between 9.30am-3pm and residential treatments between 3pm-9pm.

  • What is the mobile phone policy?

    We request you only take/make calls from your mobile in your bedroom or outside if you are a day guest or have checked out of your room. This is because we wish to preserve a relaxing atmosphere and allow guests to get away from phones and laptops.

  • Do you have WiFi?

    Yes, please feel free to use the free WiFi. The password is available from reception and any member of our team can provide you with login details when you arrive.

  • What spa facilities can pregnant women use?

    We do not recommend you use any of the spa facilities if you are pregnant, however, if you do choose to, it is at your own discretion depending on your pregnancy and personal medical situation. The most suitable facilities would be the hydrotherapy pool excluding the Jacuzzi jets, salt grotto, foot spas, and tropical showers. We strongly advise you not to use any of the other heat rooms.

  • What treatments can pregnant women use?

    We recommend in the first trimester of pregnancy that you only choose manicures, pedicures or facials. During the second and third trimester, The Malvern Prenatal Massage would be a great option, perfect for relieving tension in the lower back, shoulders and calf muscles. Please make sure to inform us that your are pregnant when booking so we can ensure you are booked with an experienced, prenatal therapist.

  • Do hotel guests get complimentary robes, towels & slippers to use during our stay?

    Yes, all hotel guests get complimentary robes, towels & slippers to use during your stay.

  • What time does the gym open and close?

    Weekdays 6.15am-9.30pm, Weekends (including bank holidays) 8am-8.30pm.

  • Can an under 18s use the facilities or stay in the hotel?

    No, we are an over 18s hotel and spa only.

  • Can groups use the facilities at The Malvern?

    We have a maximum group size policy of 8 people to ensure that all of our guests' needs are met, and that everyone leaves feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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