Spa treatments at The Malvern

Men's spa treatments

From facials to manicures, you can choose from a mixture of treatments to target the areas you need to focus on. If you're unsure which treatment to choose, don't hesitate to contact our experienced spa therapists who will be able to provide you with all the information you need. We recommend booking in advance for all treatments to avoid disappointment.

  • 60 minutes | ELEMIS High Performance Skin Energiser

    Mon-Fri £80 | Sat-Sun £90

    The hard-working facial for ageing, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. This skin energiser maximises cell regeneration as steam and extraction decongests. Enjoy a multi-dynamic facial massage to boost circulation, as well as a scalp and foot massage to allow you to relax.

  • 60 minutes | ELEMIS BIOTEC Super-Charger for Men

    Mon-Fri £90 | Sat-Sun £100

    The facial to de-stress, de-age and de-fatigue the male complexion while activating ultimate skin dynamism. This treatment is time-efficient and effective, and involves ultrasonic peeling and steam.

  • 40 minutes | Indian Head Massage

    Mon-Fri £60 | Sat-Sun £70

    A relaxing and invigorating massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. Ideal for relieving stress and tension headaches, sinus congestion, sleep problems and many other complications.

  • 45 minutes | The Malvern PURE Massage Full Back

    Mon-Fri £60 | Sat-Sun £70

    Deep tissue back massage designed to release tension areas.

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